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Innovation in Medical Billing Innovation in Medical Billing

Over 30 years of experience!

Insurance Data Services Inc., a Full Service Billing Company, has been providing Medical Billing Services since 1976. IDS provides Medical Billing using the following models:

  • Full Service Billing
  • Application Services Provider (ASP)
We perform Full and Online Medical Billing Services to areas including, but not limited to Emergency Physician Groups, Radiology, Pain Management, Clinics, Hospitalist, Occupational Medicine, Family Practice, Mental Health, Anesthesia, and Pathology.

We continue to provide flexibility and increased capacity to our healthcare billing clients. On-site software development enables us to quickly make updates to fit your personal needs!

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We'd love to meet you and discuss how our innovative approach in medical billing could help you increase your revenue! You can see us at one of the many shows we attend or register for a webinar.

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