IDS Web Portal

Our Web Portal helps our clients efficiently manage their reports, files and even patient data.

Web-based Solution

The IDS Web Portal is accessible from any desktop PC or tablet making it a breeze to quickly check up on your patient's accounts from anywhere in the world. There is no installation required, just type in the address and your work is ready for you.

With our web-based solution, all of your important data is in one place for you to access. This eliminates the need to have multiple accounts on different systems just to get your complete patient information. Our application security is verified by Security Metrics® quarterly to ensure any vulnerabilities are resolved.


Through our software clients have access to a wide range of reporting. Month End reporting will be processed and uploaded to your accounts file area monthly. In addition, we offer many reports which can be pulled upon request. Report formats include Microsoft® Excel and Adobe® PDF documents.

While we have a large catalogue of ready to run reports, we also offer our clients the ability to request customized reports based on their needs. Our talented in-house software development team will assist you in getting the data you need.


Never be left in the dark when it comes to your patients! Our web portal will give you direct access to your patients and our billing practices. Transparently see your accounts move through our billing system from beginning to end. You may also conveniently access all of the information IDS has on your patient through our Web Portal's account viewer feature.


Within our Web Portal we have designed an area to store your important files securely until you can retrieve them. From sending us new charges to retrieving your Month End reports, all are just a simple click away.

Secure Messaging

Our Web Portal has a built in module to allow secure communications with IDS, or your team members, without the worry of your messages leaving our application. With this feature you can message your questions or concerns directly to an IDS employee, getting answers to your questions in a timely fashion. You can even attach spreadsheets or other documentation that may be pertinent to your message with ease.