Custom Software and Data Integration Solutions

IDS has a full staff of software engineers waiting to solve your next problem. With their help, we can get your existing information into our system with minimal pain to you and your team. We provide free integration with external systems to expidite your billing process.

Customized Software Solutions

IDS is no stranger to having to solve problems at the software level. Our dedicated team is out to help you. From our design and implementation of our Web Portal to some of our most complicated reports, we are looking to put our skills to work for you! Some of the current services we offer are:

  • Custom reports, in addition to our large catalog of available reports.
  • Custom software solutions and features.
  • Manage HL7 and EDI transmissions.
  • Prioritized ticketing system in order to better assist you.

Here at IDS, software is a tool to help our customers. Even if it is not listed, feel free to ask about additional software solutions that may help your team become even more efficient.

Existing Data Integration

Here at IDS we pride ourselves in making your data work for you. Integration is a free service for our clients and can help speed up your claims process dramatically. We are capable of working with a wide variety data formats, including:

  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Comma-delimited file
  • EDI X12
  • XML
  • Fixed-length file
  • HL7 ADT Feed

We strive to meet the demands of our clients and can look into other possible ways of getting your important data from where you have it to where you need it to be!