IDS provides several services that could help your team achieve their goals with ease.
  • Full Service Billing
    Change is inevitable and usually comes to us with options: embrace it, follow it or be left behind. IDS meets this challenge by continually improving the quality and value of our service.
  • Charge and Quality Measure Capture
    With our advanced charge and Quality Measure capture software, we can expidite our billing for you while making your team's life much easier!
  • Web Portal
    Our Web Portal helps our clients efficiently manage their reports, files and even patient data.
  • Management Reporting
    Our comprehensive reports will be able to easily support your management decisions with the useful data they need to draw effective conclusions.
  • Custom Software and Data Integration Solutions
    IDS has a full staff of software engineers waiting to solve your next problem. With their help, we can get your existing information into our system with minimal pain to you and your team. We provide free integration with external systems to expidite your billing process.
  • Contract Projections
    Interested in what IDS can do for you? Please fill out a contract projection request and we will give you an estimate.