Full Service Billing

Change is inevitable and usually comes to us with options: embrace it, follow it or be left behind. IDS meets this challenge by continually improving the quality and value of our service.

Many recent changes in the healthcare industry have resulted in lower reimbursement rates for providers and increased billing complexity. Managed care, pre-authorization and capitation are just a few examples that ultimately have reduced your income. At IDS, we are familiar with these difficulties and strive to receive maximum reimbursment for your services.

Since 1979, IDS has been meeting the challenge of fee-for-service medical billing. During this time we have been a leading provider of coding, billing and information services for hospitals, practices and independent physician groups. We have experience in many different specialties including emergency medicine, hospitalists (acute care), radiology, behavioral health, anesthesiology, rehabilitation and more.

Our unique ability to adapt with custom software development, certified coding and experienced practice managers has provided our customers the leading edge in billing and accounts receivable management. Whether on a per chart or percentage of collection basis, IDS will design a plan to meet your needs. Below you will find a list of services available to our contracted clients.

  • Provide for electronic or courier-based medical record delivery.
  • Integration with hospital and facility systems for up-to-date patient demographics.
  • Missing Chart reporting.
    • Proven methodology insures nothing gets lost, everything counts!
    • Available weekly or on-demand.
    • Optionally communicated to providers through our secure Web Portal.
  • Accurate and strategic coding by our certified coders for optimal reimbursement.
    • Medicare compliant with QA standards and protocols.
    • Reporting, tracking and follow-up of chart with missing information.
    • Monthly Physician documentation.
    • Quality Measure capture.
  • Physician Enrollment service.
    • Enrollment in EDI & EFT programs.
  • Secure electronic data transactions for:
    • Billing claim submission.
    • Fund transfers.
    • Payment and rejection posting.
    • Transfer to collection agency.
  • Secure Web Portal
    • View deficient accounts and reply to IDS staff questions.
    • View billing account details.
    • Secure message IDS staff members.
    • Retrieve month end reporting.
  • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Bill accounts within ten days.
    • Call for pre-authorization numbers (Managed Care).
    • Daily cash balancing and deposits at 2:00 PM EST.
    • Refund processing.
    • Balancing of bank statements.
    • Complaint reporting and follow-up.
    • Complete insurance correspondence and processing.
    • Toll free patient support number (English and Spanish).
    • Conscientious and highly trained staff work to expedite payment.
    • Rejection and claim adjudication.
    • Setting up and monitoring of patient payment plans.
    • Monitoring of contractual payments.
  • Meaningful Practice Management analysis and reports
    • Accounts Receivable Management Reports.
    • Provider dashboards and RVU analysis.
    • Volume and census reports.
    • Various financial class reports.
    • Reimbursement Analysis.
    • Reporting for length of stay, transfers, E&M usage and diagnosis usage.
    • Practice Management Color graphs and charts.
  • Optional Services

Client Services

Every one of our clients has access to our knowledgeable staff who can assist you in solving any problems related to your billing process. Our team members will provide useful management strategies, problem solving and support services. You’ll find help on the following issues, just to name a few:

  • Individual patient account issues
  • Industry events and trends
  • HCFA mandated changes
  • IDS software help desk
  • Physician enrollment issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Fee Schedule development
  • Contract projections
  • Chart audits and reviews
  • Reimbursement issues
  • Physician documentation
  • Quality Measure issues and reporting