Corporate History

A brief history of Insurance Data services.

Insurance Data Services was formed in 1976 by William R. Norris. In 1979, IDS purchased a medical billing software package written for high volume Emergency Departments, processing for groups in Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and Texas. The software was then upgraded and ported over to Timeshared Computer systems processing other high volume specialties such as Pathologists, Radiologists, Urgent Care, Family Practice and Mental Health facilities. The software continues to evolve and is being used to bill patients nationwide.

Commitment and Quality Service

IDS offers old fashioned customer service and long term commitment with the highest performance and quality service. Our success is a direct result of our commitment to quality, service and people. IDS enables groups of all sizes to receive the benefits of a shared yet flexible system and experienced support staff.

Let us show you how we can accurately and reliably code your records, bill the payers and then follow up to secure the very best return for your efforts. We do not get side tracked with consulting, business management, staffing, or other services.

IDS is privately owned by our founder, William R. Norris. Our programs are created and refined by educated and trained management so we control quality and ensure our services. Consistent and reliable billing is what we do and scores of clients over the years will attest to our excellence.

Call us. We are responsive and strive to increase your net revenues!