Charge Capture, EHR, Telehealth and Quality Measures

With our advanced charge and Quality Measure capture software, we can expidite our billing for you while making your team's life much easier!

Experience savings by implementing our web-based charge and Quality Measure capture compatible with most modern browsers. We offer a convenient and cost effective solution for Behavioral Health, Hospitalist, Mobile Healthcare or any other specialty currently capturing charges on paper.

Administrative functions provide the ability to monitor missing charges and physician activity which reduces lost revenue. Reduce billing deficiencies, improve continuity of care and facilitate provider communication with our documentation module. Manually or automatically release charges to your billing vendor.

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Charge and Quality Measure Capture Features

  • Web-based application
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers (desktops and tablets)
  • Monitor physician productivity through late charges
  • Daily patient schedule by team or provider patient assignments
  • Post comments regarding patients to improve patient care
  • Capture Quality Measures along with your charges
  • Integrates with IMO Problem IT® to provide clinical diagnosis definitions

EMR Features

  • Scheduling
  • Patient Registration
  • Template-driven documentation.
  • Supports orders (Labs, Medications, etc)
  • Capture electronic signatures.
  • ePrescribe (certified) integration.
  • Support time saving features such as text macros and copying forward.
  • Individual and batch document importing.
  • Telehealth integration.


  • Improve continuity of care.
  • Reduce risk.
  • Reduce chart deficiencies.
  • Improve reimbursement.
  • Improve caregiver communications.
  • Electronic Bed Boards.
  • Secure Messaging.
  • Back office document scanning and e-filling.